Windy City Doll Workshops
September 2022          
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Competition Dolls
We will have our competition again this conference, and anybody can enter a doll.
We will have classifications for Beginners  up to Advanced and Professional.
The theme is "Down the Rabbit Hole", your entry doesn't have to reflect that theme, 
but, there will be a special award for the Theme Dolls.  
All dolls are welcome.
1. You may enter up to two Competition Dolls and two Display Doll.
A. If you choose to do two Competition Dolls, one must be an Original and one must be from a Pattern.
This is further broken down into all Cloth or Mixed Media (hard head, hard head with cloth over). If the doll has a hard, or molded head, the name of the original artist must be clearly indicated.
B. There is an Entry Fee of $5 per Competition Doll, this will help to pay for the cost of the ribbons.  
Every Competition doll will receive a ribbon.
C. You may bring one or two Display Doll(s) in addition to your Competition doll(s) or as the only doll you bring. There is no fee for the Display Dolls.

2. Each doll may not be larger than 12" X 18" in size at the base
3. A 4 1/4" X 5 1/2" card must accompany each Competition Doll. This card, either printed or typed, needs to have the Name of the Doll, Original or Pattern, and if Pattern, needs to have the name of the original Pattern Maker/Mold Maker. 
You may print out the card from the "forms" page of this website, or, we will have blank form cards on the table at sign in.

4. The name of the maker must not be seen on the Competition Dolls; it must be secured beneath the clothing or under the stand on a FOLDED piece of paper.

5. You may bring your doll(s) with you or mail them to:
WCW c/o Nancy Gawron
20W080 Pleasantdale Drive
Lemont, IL. 60439-9620

​If you mail them, please notify me at:
I will care for them as if they were my children! 
If you do send them, they MUST be accompanied by a check or money order, in the amount of return postage (including insurance, if you choose) made out to Windy City Doll Workshops.
With your doll please make sure the following are included!
1. • Check or Money Order which includes entry fee and return postage with or
without insurance
2. • Completed Form
3. • 4 1/4" X 5 1/2" card completed
4. • Mailing Label with YOUR return address
5 Doll with maker's name attached

6. Ribbons! The judging will be on a point count. FirstSecond, and Third Place
Ribbons will be awarded. 
Additionally, each judge will award their favorite doll a Judge's Choice Ribbon. Attendees and visitors will be able to vote for their favorite doll made by an attendee, to which a People's Choice Ribbon will be awarded. 
There will be a special Ribbon awarded for the Best Theme Doll 
Every Competition Doll will receive an entry ribbon.

Classifications are:
1. Beginner...2 years or less doll making experience with understanding of basic  patterns and sewing.
2. Intermediate...2 or more years doll making experience with understanding of basic and more complex patterns and sewing techniques.
3. Advanced...4 or more years doll making experience. Comfortable with almost any  pattern or sewing technique, or, has sold, or taught doll making.

Critique & Evaluation Form

Entry Number _________If Pattern: Original Pattern maker_____________________
Division ______________Name of Pattern___________________________________
Class ________________Original Mold Maker _______________________________

Total Points____________

Ribbon Awarded_________

Each doll is evaluated on its own merit and is not compared to other entries for this Critique
100 – 90 Points = Blue Ribbon 89 – 80 points = Red Ribbon


1EXPRESSIVE IMPACT…..20____________________________
Strong Visual Impact/Emotion Evoked

2DESIGN ORIGINALITY….20 ____________________________
Designed own unique form or creative use 
of commercial Pattern

3INNOVATION………………5 ____________________________
Something New and never seen in Form, 
Concept, Technique, or successfully solved 
a difficult problem

4IMAGINATION……………10 ____________________________
Unusual degree of imagination with regard 
to portraying human condition, a plaything 
or cultural object

  COSTUMING………………15 ____________________________
_____Neat construction
_____Good choice of materials
_____Interesting / innovative use of materials
_____Appropriate / effective in achieving overall design success
_____Costume shows good color coordination
_____Good scale of fabrics and trims
_____Costume well designed
_____Costume fits well

 6 ANATOMY…15 ____________________________
Choose applicable of the following two

_____Harmonious in all elements
_____Reflects believable human anatomy
_____Scale and proportion are uniform
_____All parts match in type and execution

_____ Harmonious in all elements
_____Shows good consideration of form
_____Whole is balanced and proportionate
_____Shows consideration of Anatomy in abstract design

FINISH TREATMENT…15 ____________________________
_____Shows good use of chosen technique,  
  No parts incomplete or problems unresolved
_____Shows good control of chosen medium

Please feel free to discuss your critique/evaluation score with me.
I ask only that the doll be present at this time.

This is the form the Judges use for evaluating the dolls
Here are some of the dolls from Past Challenges