Windy City Doll Workshops
September 27-30, 2018          
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Come and enjoy a 
"Boop-Boop-a-Doop" evening, 
creating a face pin of the famous 
1930’s character, Betty Boop.

                      This project requires NO sewing 
             all you need is a sharp pair of fabric scissors 
                          and a desire to have FUN! 
                                   I am honored to be teaching a mini night class 
                               for the Windy City Conference.

                                 I have been attending doll conferences and workshops                                   since 1997, always eager to learn and anxious to try                                        new techniques. 

Debbie lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with her beloved husband, George 
and her spoiled rotten puppy, Boo. 
She has taught art education K-12, for the last 42 years, hoping one day to quit, so that she can bake cookies to her heart’s content.

Debbie Genovese
Betty Boop! - Debbie Genovese