Windy City Doll Workshops
September 27-30, 2018          
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Inez Brasch - Roxie and Velma

For this class, you will choose to do either Velma Kelly or Roxie Hart the two leading show girls in the Roaring Twenties movie and stage play, “Chicago.” In the movie, Velma was played by Catherine Zeta Jones and Roxie by Renee Zegwiller. One was a brunette and the other a blond and that is the basic difference between them in our class. Velma has a short dark brown French style page boy and Roxie a short curly blond mop. 
The finished doll with be approximately 14” tall.

You will learn how to cover a mask face with cloth, how to stuff a body that contains an articulated armature, how to weft mohair and attach same by needle felting, how to produce really tiny, pose able cloth hands, how to paint the face, how to make a doll that can free stand even on high heels. It’s not a class for beginners.

If you are planning on taking this class, I would recommend that you watch the movie, for Inspiration. The dolls will be wearing the costume from the last scene.

               There are many items needed for this class that if bought individually would                 cost a whole lot of money because the amount of each item you’d need to                     buy is in far excess of the amount you really need, so to that end, I’ll                           provide a kit. Since sculpting a face or making an articulated armature are                   both long classes in and of themselves they will be provided in the kit, too.                   Not that I think you couldn’t do it but because we simply won’t have enough                 time. I have most of the things, but not all so I don’t know at this point the                 cost of the kit. I truly think it will be less than $40. I plan to only charge                   for raw materials by dividing the cost of same by the numbers of things I                   can get out of it. For example, cloth: I’ll divide the cost of the yardage by                   the number of bodies or dresses I can get out of it and that are what I’ll                      charge individually.

KIT will contain:
Mask face, armature, patterns for doll body and costume, flesh toned Kona cotton,
beaded fabric, beaded fringe, rhinestone trim, silver shoe fabric, shoe sole with heel,
mohair, felting needle, wooden base, glue applicator, tracing paper, instruction booklet, use of instructor’s paints, colored pencils, gesso, tools, fixative and probably more stuff I haven’t thought of yet.

You will need to bring:
Complete sewing kit with white and black thread, cloth scissors, paper scissors and trimming scissors (small sharp ones), stuffing and stuffing tools, needle nosed pliers,
Sewing machine, awl, #3 brush, #10-0 brush, (try Michaels), Aileen’s No Sew glue (they have it JoAnns), 005 Micron pens in black and red (NO substitutes). You can get these at Dick Blick online and sometimes at Michaels.