Windy City Doll Workshops
September 27-30, 2018          
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Making Faces    Trudi Skayte
Trudi Skayte, also known as B.J Rangel, has been an artist since she was a small child.   She always had a pencil  in her hand, drawing pretty ladies' faces.
She was an art major in school, and was a hair stylist in her professional life.    People recognize her cloth dolls, by the beautiful faces and stylish outfits.   She runs a Costume and Pattern making business for skaters, from her home.
Trudi lives in Lockport, IL, with her Husband, John,  4 cats and one dog.
Trudi will show you how to draw proportion, and add the facial features, to make a realistic face.
She will show how to color and shade the prepared blanks in your kit.
Your kit will include:
One folder
Drawing Paper 
Face Grid
White pencil
Blender stump
Prepared Blanks - in several sizes and skin tones
Inspirational Face pictures
There will be a $7.00 kit charge
Supply list
Please bring a basic Drawing kit, containing:
             Colored pencils in skin, eye, lip and flesh colors.
             Fine line pens in black and brown

If you want to make better doll faces, this class is a must..