Windy City Doll Workshops
September 27-30, 2018          
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Pin Doll Swap and Welcome get together
We will be hosting a "Welcome get together" on Thursday evening, 
from 8 to 10 PM.
This is a time to get acquainted with each other and share talk and laughter 
with teachers and friends.

Instead of the "normal", organized swapping, we will try something that I hope will bring people together in a fun way.

                                  You may make as many Pin Dolls as you want, and                   
                       during this time, you may walk about 
          trading dolls with the other 
               pin doll makers. 

                                                       See how many pin dolls 
                                                              you can collect

(You might want to make enough, and bring some to class, to give to the people you missed at the get together.​....How about you server at the restaurant, desk person, or even your room cleaning service?)
Please make sure your name, email addy and date, is on each one.
Someone might like to send an E mail Thank You for your creation.

It is just that simple.

What is a Pin Doll?

A Pin Doll is a small doll, animal or "whats-it" that has a pin of some kind on the back and can be worn.
They are usually from 3 to 5 inches tall (but can be smaller or larger). There are no set rules, as long as they can be worn)

Make up a bunch...and Make some friends!
Some photos from the 2014 Pin Doll Swap